March 16, 2013

drunk04This is St. Patrick’s Day weekend and I think most people will start celebrating about an hour ago since tomorrow is Sunday and being fall down drunk on any Sunday except Super Bowl Sunday is deemed unacceptable. So if out and about today and you happen to see some sleeping in the cutter don’t disturb him or look disparaging at them they can’t help it their Irish. Today is also Ruby’s sister Olga’s birthday so there probably will be a few drunken Colombians laying around too. I’m not sure about a post for tomorrow but we’ll give a try it’s just that when Jeff goes out with Ruby they don’t usually get home until early the next morning and Jeff is to grumpy to help with the blog. Well you guys try and stay safe watch out for the other guy too he might be a cat lover CIAO.



One Response to “ERIN GO BRAGH”

  1. valerie said

    I’t’s a great day for the Irish


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