March 15, 2013

happy-friday-0733OK here’s another Friday so what do you plan to do: let’s see the rules (you know the one I mean) say that if your single and not seeing anyone you should go out with friends and try to meet someone and if you’re married you stay home or try to fix up one of your single friends. Now doesn’t that sound like a great weekend starter, for people like Jeff it’s just another day nothing special unless you like to watch TV and then it sucks because there’s nothing good on TV. In America this weekend is Saint Patrick’s Day weekend which is an excuse for people to wear green, get drunk and throw up in the street. When Jeff first started working in restaurants he was a bartender and certain days were not fun New Years Eve and St. Patrick’s Day were among the worst days to work there were others but they weren’t drink until you drop Holidays. Jeff always referred to the day as Amateur day, because people who would ordinarily be in a bar came and pretended to be Irish, which means they got drunk made fools of themselves and “forgot to tip”. Down here people don’t need weekends or Holidays to do the same thing but tips are included in the prices of drinks at least. Well I haven’t been feeling that great lately so I’m headed to the couch to take a nap maybe I’ll be back later CIAO.

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