March 13, 2013

dhadpwI thought today we’d talk a little about Radio old time radio that is. I know I made reference to radio programs that went on to TV such as Guns smoke and others looking back it would appear that all really popular shows were brought to TV I guess they wanted to use the familiarity of the shows to help promote the new medium. But one show never made it to TV it that was THE SHADOW Jeff has CD’s and cassette tapes of a lot of the old programs and before we moved down here he had a large collection of comics about the Shadow. Jeff could never figure out how a show that was that popular on radio was never brought to TV and he’s never found a reason. I mean the Green Hornet made it Highway Patrol and Dragnet amongst others all made it. I guess no one wanted to watch a show with the catch phrase “WHAT EVIL LURKS IN THE HEART AND MINDS OF MEN THE SHADOW KNOWS”. Jeff says all the kids back then couldn’t wait to hear that on the radio, he thinks since they have brought Sherlock Holmes into the twenty first century in the show Elementary and it seems to being doing well that maybe some producer somewhere will get the bright idea to put the Shadow on TV. But it has to be different than the movie which in Jeff’s words sucked the big one. You know TV makes people forget what it is to use your imagination t fill in the blanks plus you know who the bad guys are at the start of the show so you really don’t have to think much. I guess what I’m trying to say is that TV is dumbing down the human race especially in what is referred to as developed nations. Anyhow write the Networks and let’s get the Shadow on TV CIAO.


One Response to “THE SHADOW KNOWS”

  1. Valerie McCaffrey said

    I loved the shadow -I can still hear his voice in my head


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