March 8, 2013

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHari was here yesterday afternoon and he’ll be back today as well I have to tell you that’s one cool kid. How 21/2 year old’s do you know that can have complete conversations and you’ll know everything he’s talking about. He does have on fault he tend to be very loud and wants to brush me all the time, but these are thing s I can deal with because he’s so damn cute. He loves Jeff and nobody can understand why he’s not shy anymore he goes right up to all is cousins, aunts uncle whatever all the little girls love him too. If he has a fault it’s his reluctance to share he can be very possessive at times but eventually he comes around. The weekend is here and that’s when we don’t get to see Hari a lot but he’s in good hands with his mom and dad and other set of Grandparents. Hari is very lucky he has three grandfathers’ two grandmothers and a great grandfather all here to spoil him. If he comes early enough I’ll try to get some pictures with him and put them up later or tomorrow in the mean time I have to help the big guy with his book CIAO.

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