Jeff’s a writer?

March 7, 2013

NEW COVERHi today I’m going to talk about Jeff’s books; ILF that has already been published and ILF two which he’s writing now. ILF was read by one of his friend s and she loved it I on the other hand think there’s room for improvement at least in the actual structure of the book. The story wasn’t bad it had a lot of elements to it maybe too many for a first book but you it’s a learning experience for him and we’ll just have to wait and see. his second book ILF two introduces new characters and some romance Jeff is trying to keep things tied together and hopes people will give it a chance once it’s done. Unfortunately he ends up doing his own editing part of the problem living in a non English speaking country and the other problem is the gender there just aren’t that many Sci-Fi geeks out there who would be interested in doing the editing without trying to rewrite the whole book. You should look for the book in early April if all goes well. I really think he should ask me for help since one of his new characters is a Cat Person named Tac, but you guys know Jeff is middle name is stubborn. Well that’s all the nice stuff I’ve got to say about the big guy today so CIAO.

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