March 5, 2013

imagesOk I’ve been reading the news where they say the Post Office is in big trouble. Well that’s not surprising their executives have been going along thinking there’s no way the Post Office could ever face the possibility of becoming obsolete. Well they waited too long and now it looks like bye, bye Post Office. One thing that’s not going away is junk mail referred to as SPAM now that we get electronically. Jeff checked his e-mail this morning and had 140 messages in his Spam folder he always looks at the list just to make sure no real mail ended up there accidentally (It has happened) while he was doing this he got ten more. He looked at me and said can you imagine Flounder what our mail box and coffee table would look like if this was old fashioned Snail Mail. I just shook my head at the thought of all those trees being destroyed. You they give you Spam filters on your email accounts but all they really are is a folder where all the junk stuff goes and no matter what you do it keeps coming. Stuff like this Pictures of cheating wives, enlarge your penis, somebody just ran a background check on you etc etc. It’s a whole new business and instead of paper they waste band width. Ok let me know if you have a solution and what’s your most outrageous Spam mail I’m out of here CIAO.

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