March 4, 2013

blogging1Good morning it’s Monday and here I am again struggling to write this blog. You know most people blog to make money or to let their friends know what’s going on in their lives. You have the news blogs where the writer tries to interpret the day’s events or they take a satirical look at it to try and entertain. You have ones like Jeff’s niece Janet who write about vacations or some recipes she has just learned to cook and sometimes it’s about a book or poem she has read. Now me I’m a cat and I’m trying to keep human entertained and you know how hard that is when they can’t even keep themselves entertained. I have to ask Jeff about some of the things I write I mean I’m all of 12 inches tall and I don’t get to go out so I need input. That being said now you can see why it’s so hard for me to write this blog I mean just look at me source this is a guy the writes books about android private detectives and he better get better at soon. He doesn’t go anywhere anymore so I don’t have any new photographs to talk about family stories in other words my source is boring Jeff read Mike Taibbi and his niece they both have unique writing styles. Jeff thinks his niece should write a book or something she has a lot of talent in that regard. Both of those people don’t write every day they wait to they have something they feel is important and people will read Jeff on the other hand wants me to write everyday and that gets harder and harder so if you don’t see my blog for a couple of days don’t get alarmed I’m just recharging my creative battery. Also I might start writing some political stuff using TV news as my source, some of it will be about down here and you may or may not find it interesting. Well that’s it for now I may be back later today I may not be back for a couple of days in the mean time CIAO.

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