March 2, 2013

Cookie-Monster-cookie-monster-3512371-1024-768Hi it’s Saturday and it’s the weekend and I still don’t have anything of real interest that I can post so as you can tell from the photo I’m more interested in food right now. Jeff and Ruby brought home a roasted Chicken last night and I don’t know what it is but I smell that and I go absolutely crazy. I jump up on the dining room table and run around crying I just can’t help myself and of course Jeff won’t give me any. I know he does it for my own good but come on give a cat a break. There’s soccer tomorrow Medellin vs Envigado and Nacional vs Quindio as the  two game s try to get ready for their first head to head competition. Jeff has been trying to stay neutral but I think he favors Medellin because their underdogs most of the time. Well their getting ready to go shopping and I think I’ll raid the garbage can to see if there are some bones in there , don’t know what it is about chicken but it makes me crazy CIAO.

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