February 16, 2013

imagesWell that’s another week gone I think I mentioned that Valentine’s day isn’t until September down here and don’t bother asking why because I don’t know. It will probably be pretty quiet down here for awhile since it’s Lent and this is a very Catholic country. There will be a lot of interest in the election of a new Pope, of course they hope for a Latino to be elected. I wouldn’t say that it wasn’t possible but it sure isn’t probable. The church likes to have Pope that isn’t liberal and they really don’t want a progressive one. They like their Popes on the conservative side so that all their secrets will be safe. Ok don’t get me started on that Jeff might hear me then he’ll get involved and we’ll have a twenty page rant from him. I hope there’s some soccer this weekend or something otherwise Jeff will get bored and want to play with me and I’d rather sleep. Well if anything exciting happens I might be back later if not CIAO.

One Response to “WEEKEND”

  1. valerie said

    speaking as an x-or recovering catholic I would hope that they would put a liberal in if they do not want to lose the rest of flock.


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