February 14, 2013

Synoeca3-MWell I don’t think Jeff will be going to Hari house for awhile as you can see from the picture some unwanted guests are hanging out in a tree by the side walk. They are a South American version of the mud wasp only these guys like to hang out together and are very aggressive. Jeff says he hasn’t been able to find out if there venom is as bad as the ones up there, which is similar to a black widow spider, if it is these guys would be worse since they attack in mass and are about one and a half times larger than the one up there and don’t forget we have a lot of killer bees down here too. Ok enough scary talk Real Madrid and Manchester city played to a one one tie yesterday but it was a really exciting game. This is some of the best soccer of the year it’s like NBA NFL and NCAA playoffs it seems like everybody saves their best for this series. Well I’m still a little shook up from the bee story so I’m going to do a little catnip and take a nap CIAO.

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