News- I don’t think so

February 13, 2013

bruce-eric-kaplan-now-we-get-all-our-news-from-nickelodeon-new-yorker-cartoonToday is going to be headline day on account of I have nothing else to talk about. First up Lady Gaga can’t walk well she can’t sing either. Second 350 lb running back and they want to know why people get hurt playing football. Third   up Katy baby bump photo is this really news. Fourth one best gifts under ten dollars, for men are you kidding a cup of coffee and a Danish cost more than that. No. five Antarctica not Bikini friendly so tell us something we don’t know. I think that’s enough for today there is a good soccer game on this afternoon Real Madrid vs Manchester United should prove exciting it a Championship League game and there always good. I’ll be back tomorrow to discuss it CIAO.

One Response to “News- I don’t think so”

  1. valerie said

    I know lady glgl can’t sing, but why can’t she walk


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