Another day another blog

February 12, 2013

imagesI hope you guys realize that since I sleep 17 to 18 hours a day I have to rely on Jeff to tell me what’s going on the only problem with that is that he doesn’t have a clue himself. Now this makes writing a daily blog extremely difficult if you know what I mean and not only do I have to come with something interesting to say here but then I have to go help Jeff with his book, annoy Ruby, and play with Hari. It more than cat should have to endure and remember I have to do all this in about seven hours so I don’t lose any beauty sleep. Now as for today the only thing anybody is talking about is the Pope resigning now I happen to think that’s a smart decision on his part he not getting any younger and his health is bad. Most people especially athletes manage to hang around too long and embarrass themselves before they retired think him leaving on his own terms is a good idea. He may not have been the greatest Pope but he seemed like a nice person trying to do the right thing in a difficult job. Now there are those who will say he covered up scandals but that’s more or less his job to protect the church was it the right decision way to go about it only the future will be able to judge that. Well I’m not a religious cat so I really don’t have anything else to say right now I guess I’ll be back tomorrow CIAO.

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