February 11, 2013

imagesToday I’m here to dispel the notion that dogs are smarter than cats actually we’re the smartest creatures on this planet. People think because a dog will do tricks for you if you give it a snack that makes them smart they say it’s because they learn. Well cats just don’t learn we teach we can get a human to do anything we want we just stare them in the eyes and if we want to look cute we just have to curl up I a ball while a dog has to jump roll around like an idiot or whimper if he want attention .A cat just has to walk over to a human and lean against their leg and they’ll go “isn’t that cute he like you”. No we don’t it’s just or way of gaining control of them and making them do what we want. You take a dog to the vet and they jump in the car all excited not realizing their about to prodded and have a needle stuck in their butts. Cats on the other hand just go and hide making the human work to get us in the carrier and giving the doctor fits when they try to get us to hold still, now on the other hand if we’re really sic we go peaceably because we know that the human will spend a ridiculous amount of money to get over the cold we have. Dogs get dog houses that are outside in the rain, snow and cold cats get window seats I the nice warm and dry house. So you tell  me now who do you think is smarter CIAO

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