February 10, 2013

imagesIt’s just another sunny Sunday in Colombia I know I complain about the rain all the time but rarely does the weather in Bello stay the same all day long. It may start out beautiful and suddenly it’s raining then you get a great sunset or may a beautiful rainbow ,all I can tell you it beats the hell out getting up and having to shovel you car out. Oh please don’t hate me for living in a warm environment we all made choices in our lives as to where we were going to live and work. I wasn’t planning on Colombia until Jeff married Ruby and came for a visit if we weren’t retired we wouldn’t have moved here as there is no work unless you’re degreed and want to work for the government. So I had Jeff find a nice picture of a sunny beach now you can just close your eyes and pretend you’re down here with us and not looking out at snow that’s melting and starting to turn black and while you’re doing that I’m going over to my window seat and soak up some sun CIAO

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