February 9, 2013

imagesWell this is a strange day every where a major snow storm in the north east United States and a 6.9 earthquake down here. I don’t have to tell the guys up in America about the snow storm they’re living it, but I got tell you about the earthquake. It was far south of us and from what they say did no damage but if you’re sitting in the tenth floor of an eleven story building and you here this rumble and the building starts to shake and sway a little you and you there’s absolutely nothing you can do except bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. It’s definitely not the way I want to start my Saturday morning. I looked up at Jeff and, he’s was in California when they had the last big one in Las Angles, he did not look happy. I went and hid in the closet and started praying to the cat Gods. Ruby just looked at Jeff and said Earthquake and of course when it was over she said no big thing, but I think she went to change her underwear. This is the second one we’ve felt down here and counting all the small ones and the one big one Jeff was in it adds up to six. Jeff says that’s enough it’s why he doesn’t like living in tall buildings (or at least that’s one excuse) but I guess the way the world is now it don’t make too much difference where you are. That’s why cats just go out and live there live and don’t worry about tomorrow if it comes cool if not we won’t know and with that I say CIAO.


  1. valerie said

    oh to be a cat – the wild cat I feed has not been around since the storm started poor thing hope he is not trapped some where, he looks lie you fjounder I just learned recenty they call you black and white cats tuxedo cats – did you know that flounder??


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