February 8, 2013

xxxFriday and the North east United States is looking to get a blizzard, for those of you in Colombia who have never  experienced a blizzard take your worst experience with rain and multiply it by at least 5. But remember it also hangs around for days so take that into consideration as well and unlike rain your car is going nowhere during a blizzard. The worst storm Jeff remembers was around 1979  he was trapped in the restaurant where he worked for a day and a half the major roadway to his house was close for two days when he got home he couldn’t park his car. Things tend to get back to normal fairly fast in the metropolitan area mostly because they don’t seem to get as much snow as the rural areas and temperatures tend to rise quite quickly after the storm. Jeff’s wife Ruby hates snow and Jeff isn’t that fond of it either once, he says right after the storm when you go out and no one  has shoveled or walked or driven on it it’s beautiful but later it gets black and nasty and no fun at all. So all you people up there take care and if you have time send us a story about how you did in the storm CIAO.

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