February 7, 2013

revoIt would appear that not only is the sexual revolution of the sixties over in America but its regressing. In other words America is trying to revive a puritan attitude towards sex now Jeff says he doesn’t care what people say or believe he just doesn’t want somebody to come up to him and tell him what to believe. I think, and remember I’m just a cat, that this is all about men trying to put women back “in their place” because you know guys are still going to watch porn and hire hookers and want kinky sex. Women have come a long way in Jeff life time he remembers when a divorced woman couldn’t get a job or credit because everything had been in the husband’s name. Things have gotten much better now women can use their intelligence to help the country and themselves instead of trying to figure out what to cook for dinner for the men of the house. Jeff is now 67 and his view on the sexual revolution and the status of women hasn’t changed he believes it’s a good thing and brings us into a better position to compete in the world. He hopes that at some point Muslim women will take up the fight and maybe the world will have a chance at peace. I just don’t want somebody to say I can’t lick myself in public, but after all I’m just a cat CIAO.

One Response to “GOD I HOPE NOT”

  1. valerie said

    I sure rememer not being able to get a credit card after divorcing – it change not much after that – all the comercial on
    tV woould show the littil wormn greeting the husbands at the door at night and they always had thier aprons on.


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