February 6, 2013

What-Tha-2I thought we’d do a headline day today just for fun. First up USPS cuts Saturday delivery now you’ll have mail those checks earlier (yeah right ) next now this one is important the new Monopoly piece is a cat (once again cats rule) next Betty White turns 91 (OK that’s cool) couple wins lottery twice in same weekend (and they insist it’s not fixed) now here is one that goes under the heading who cares Amazing abs of music stars (they’re all airbrushed pics so who cares) next who Is Justin Bieber kissing (knowing him probably himself) . Here’s a WTF one man blames aliens for DUI ( Not bad but WTF) and man shoots himself in groin with flare gun (Guess he’s a little hot down there now) lightening blows breasts of statue now this is really a WTF. Gina the chimp is addicted to porn (you can’t make this stuff up). All the above stories were taken from the headlines so I ask as a Intelligent cat WTF is going on with the humans CIAO.

One Response to “WTF”

  1. valerie said

    I think we should put ILF on the case


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