this was yesterdays

February 6, 2013

You humans really say and do some strange things take for instance the story of a 5 year old child being held hostage in a bunker by a disturbed man. Now the law enforcement people got the child out ,after five days, safe and sound and the first thing you guys do is say what took so long , you should put sleeping gas in, you should of dug him out. The FBI that seems to have been in charge has been criticized for acting too fast for taking armed action rather than waiting for the suspect to get tired and surrender. There is no right answer only wrong ones to this type of situation, but the way I look at my only concern would have been get the kid out alive and well if you have to snake up on the guy and cut his throat I’m fine with that. I don’t care if he’s suffering from PTSD or his father beat him. Hostage situations are very delicate things and they have a tendency to end badly, so when one comes out OK people should say great job thank God the kid is safe and let it go at that. Now I’ve said my piece now it time for you to give me yours and remember I’m just a cat.

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