February 4, 2013

111Well it’s Monday Super-Bowl Sunday has come and gone, the game started slow looked like a blow out then finished up pretty exciting. If I or Jeff were betting people we would have lost money, not because we didn’t pick a winner (Jeff has picked 45 of 47 winners) but we wouldn’t have covered the spread. When the Raven punter ran out of the end zone he made the San Francisco betters all winners and you could hear Raven fans screaming fix. I don’t know if the game was fixed or not, it certainly is a possibility given the investigations into European soccer, you’d have to say anything was possible. The half time show was a complete let down from the pregame festivities featuring Jennifer Houston sing America the Beautiful with the Sandy Hook Chorus and then Alicia Keys singing the National Anthem. Beyonce should have gave up after she got caught lip sinking to the National Anthem at the Presidents Inauguration. A half naked woman doing a dance routine in front of a paid audience just doesn’t do it for me or Jeff says this was one of the worst shows he’s seen and he has seen them all. I asked if this was the best game he had ever watched and he said no the San Francisco Cincinnati game with the Joe Montana comeback with lees then 2 min was the best. I then asked him what was the best Half Time show he ever saw, he said that was hard because he doesn’t remember all of them but he said U2 And the who were too of his favorites. Well American Football is officially over coming up is Colombian soccer with the boys favorite teams Nacional and Medellin. There is also the Championship series starting up again at the end of the month and of course American basketball both College and pro followed by Baseball so it won’t be a dull sports time. I just hope Jeff doesn’t forget he has a book to finish in the mean time I’m going to get some rest CIAO


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