February 3, 2013

Super-Bowl-Sunday-2013-1024x768-e1359400490407Super- bowl Sunday and the world stops to watch this is something I really don’t understand. This Sunday phenom has me completely baffled it has become the second biggest party day after New Year’s Eve and if you’ve ever been to a Super- Bowl party you know you really can’t watch the game and by half time most people are too drunk to try. Millions of dollars are bet on ridicules things such as what player will wave and say high mom to the camera first or what rating the new commercials will get. I think this whole thing is out of hand as for the game itself only a few could be classified as great most of the really good games are in the playoffs. Well I better go and get some rest Jeff has invited a couple relatives over to watch the game with him not sure if anyone will make it but it’s better to be safe than sorry CIAO.

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