February 1, 2013

what-do-you-care-aboutToday I decided to do a little variation of my headline news and instead ask you if you care about this stupid stuff that they use to fill in space on a news channel. Do you care that Beyonce lip synced her Star Spangle Banner performance or that Phil Michelson didn’t break 59 on the golf course. They had a survey on Yahoo the other day that asked do you care how much your co-workers are making. Do you care that Demi Moore has a hot dress or that Paris Hilton and her boyfriend are in Spain at a fashion show. Do you care that the state of Alaska is giving away a 78 million dollar ferry or who has the most famous legs of all time or that Steven Tyler showed up on American Idol in drag. Does any of this stuff interest you if you all said no then somebody is lying why else do you think they put this useless crap in the middle of a news site personally I don’t know and I don’t care, but after all I’m just a cat CIAO.


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