January 18, 2013

cryinggirl-277x300It a sad day in Bello Nelida’s daughter Maritza is leaving to go back to Sweden tomorrow and there having a going away party tonight. I don’t know the reason for her living in Sweden but she has a good job and is in school there so I guess it’s cool. All I know was she knew not to pester me when I was resting and always had a big smile on her face so I for one will miss her a lot. I don’t know when she’s coming back or if she is there has been talk of her mother moving there. Now the family would definitely miss her a lot but if it was better there for her we would all support her decision. If she doesn’t go will Maritza come back to stay I’m not sure but I think not, she has more going for her there then she would here after being gone for awhile, but you never know about these things. In other news there isn’t any LOL so I’ll have Jeff take a lot of pictures and I’ll make sure some get posted here CIAO.

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