January 16, 2013

kmhn375lIt’s the grumpy old man’s birthday and he’s at that age where he says he doesn’t want anything and then when he doesn’t get anything he sulks, he needs to grow a pair. Anyhow today is a lot like yesterday with not a lot going on and it looks like rain again. It hasn’t rained in awhile down here and with the sun here you can watch everything turn brown virtually overnight. The southern part of the country is experiencing a drought and there have been a number of forest fires and of course the food prices will start to go up. It seems everywhere you go as things seem to be improving Mother Nature comes around to screw with the economy. But down here people just smile have another beer and get on with whatever it is their doing. I guess that’s OK I mean up there everybody gets excited and starts blaming this or that while like I said down they just roll with the punches. Well once again I’ve run out of stuff so I’m going to go to the closet so I can stay away from grumpy and we’’ see you tomorrow CIAO

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