January 9, 2013

22267722_1The tree is down the house is back to normal until next year and all is well. Ruby and Jeff are definitely headed to the farm this weekend and I’m going to miss the NFL playoffs but at least I’ll get some much needed rest. There were some strange noises in the house last night I think the upstairs neighbor couldn’t sleep and was walking around slamming doors and such. People in this country can be very weird at times I try to just let it go I mean I can sleep during the day Jeff and Ruby can’t especially Ruby. Once Ruby gets up she can’t go back to sleep at least that what she keeps telling us but if that’s true, who is that snoring in front of the TV in the afternoon? The farm or Finca their going to belong to Ruby’s friend Ruby they’ve been there for visits before so they know what to expect Jeff just hopes there’s enough room for all the people since they expect Ruby’s family to be there too. I don’t care I just want some peace and quiet this weekend so I can get some real rest. Well tomorrow is another day and I’ll be talking to you then CIAO.

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