January 5, 2013

Saturday Shopping copyIt’s Saturday and it’s going to be a shopping day so I can lay low for most of the day. Ruby and Jeff went to visit the aunts yesterday and invited them to the house on Sunday, which means of course the closet for me which is OK with me the aunt’s are really cool and they even make me laugh and I don’t understand a word there saying. Plans are in the works for Monday it’s pot day which means they’re going to cook Sancocho outside, plans now call for them going to some park to do this which is fine with me I’ll have the house to myself. I do hope Jeff get home early so he can but the national college championship game on the TV. I almost forgot the NFL playoffs start tonight that will just make Ruby overjoyed LOL. Well they’re getting ready to leave I hope they remember to bring back food and cat litter for me or it’s not going to fun around here this weekend CIAO.

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