January 4, 2013

RantFirst Friday of the year and the sun is shining and it’s about 80 right now I hear it’s really cold where some of Jeff’s friends live ain’t that a shame. Well I know some people in Afghanistan and Iraq and some other places that would be more than glad to trade places with those people. You know it seems that the US has had a habit of late of getting involved in countries where there’s never going to be a winner. I mean look at Iraq it’s till screwed up and will probably go back to the way it was in the next few years the government should really have paid attention in history class. The pirates the constant fighting has been going on as long as there’s been recorded history so do they think they can really change it. The only way to change it is to find another source of fuel other than oil, something that they can get cheap and in the US. Then the Arab nations wouldn’t be able to have us fight their battles for them because they wouldn’t have anything of value to give us in return. But as I’ve said before what do I know I’m just a cat CIAO.

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