January 3, 2013

spamJan.3 and we already have over a hundred emails in our spam folder it seems like we get more spam mail then we ever did when we were just getting junk snail mail. I mean there can’t be that many women out there that are desperate for sex and how big is big enough for a penis and if all these people were truly millionaires do you think they would be going around telling everybody how they did it. Not only that but how many cars can you buy or a how much Viagra can you use there are dating services for under twenty over sixty fat, bald, kinky, and you can be guaranteed the perfect Russian wife. We have to check the spam folder because every once in awhile a legitimate message get routed there, I think they do that so you’ll actually look at the folder once in awhile they also think were still in the US. But the big problem I have with the spam folder is none of the stuff is for me whites a matter I don’t deserve a better sex life or the chance at the investment of a life time? I’m deeply hurt by this obvious snub so I’m going in the closet and sulk awhile CIAO.

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