January 2, 2013

calvinandhobbes_newyearsresolution_2013Well everybody got a good night’s sleep last night and everybody is going back to work until the weekend which is another three day weekend. Monday being the holiday where you get together and cook Sancocho outside, cooking outside doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but it’s their thing and I guess it works for them. I on the other hand prefer to stay inside watch TV and relax because there won’t be another long weekend until March I think. You one thing that’s always fascinated me about humans is you celebrate New Years but when I wake up on Jan 1st I don’t see anything new looks just like last year so what’s the deal where is all this new stuff and not only that people are already counting down till next year. Come on folks lets at least let this one get started before we start writing it off and guess what Christmas sales will start tomorrow, boy am I glad I’m a cat and don’t have to deal with all this crap. I hope all the sports start up again soon that is all except baseball that’s sort of like watching grass grow, you watch it for two hours and nothing really happens. Well I have to go Jeff wants to use the computer to write his book, we’ll talk again tomorrow CIAO.

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