2012 is over with finally

December 31, 2012

Parenting New Year's Eve Baby SittersHere we are at the end of another year let’s see what has happened in the last twelve months to me and my family? Well Hari has gotten bigger and smarter he even picks up the phone and call his grandma, I’m not sure but I think he’s big for a two year old I know he’s a lot smarter than any other two year old I’ve seen. What else we moved and I got a great view with birds that stop by to say hello once in a while so for me life is good. We made it a year of posting on this blog thing I guess that was good. Jeff’s eldest niece Janet got a promo but had to move to Japan for a couple of years he misses her. His youngest niece Kim is busy raising her family her eldest Bill is a senior and he played football for the first time in his life, did pretty good from what I hear. Her youngest Jackson is getting really big looks like his mom I don’t know whether he’ll like that observation or not. She lives in a spectacular part of the world and is very happy her husband Bill is like Jeff retired so I guess he doesn’t do anything either. They have a dog they rescued from the pound, called Zuma, so you know their good people. Jeff finally wrote a book and published it on Amazon, I personally thought he’d never do it but the old guy came thru. Val actually read it said it was very good but she’s a good friend. Ruby seems to be happy she babysits Hari almost every day so that keeps her busy. Hari and I are great friends I love him like crazy even though he can be a little loud sometimes. His dad John and his mom Vanessa have a new home too no more living in the city for all of us now we get to see the mountains when we look out the windows instead of each other’s apartment. Hader and Catalina are together and they have a new house so now Melissa and Juan Pablo have their own rooms so everybody is happy. New Jersey was hit by a horrible storm places at the shore that Jeff knew from his younger days are just gone now. But humans are a strange breed they seem to recover from tragedy fast and they have had their share this year. I don’t want to go into it it’s sad and this isn’t the time. So what coming up in the New Year well for me I just want to stay healthy and be here to write this stupid blog again. Jeff is writing his new book wants to write at least two this year. Ruby want to be finished with menopause and she wants her family to stay healthy and happy. So now we say to everyone who has been nice enough to read this a VERY, VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR talk to you in 2013 CIAO

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