December 30, 2012

the_day_before_001bWell it’s Sunday Dec. 30th the last day of the regular season in the NFL and the day before New Year’s Eve. You know what I’ve never understood is why it’s called New Years Eve 2012 shouldn’t it be called New Years Eve 2013. I mean the next day is 2013 not 2012 so if the eve of something don’t you think they should tell you what it’s eve of I mean we’re ending 2012 not beginning it again (God I Hope So). So I know not too many people really care what I say but you really should give this some thought. What’s wrong with saying we’re going out tonight to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2013 it’s actually a more accurate expression of what you’re doing, if you don’t like that say we’re celebrating End of The Year Day. Doesn’t sound as exciting but it’s definitely more accurate but what do I Know I’m just a cat CIAO.

One Response to “WHY IS IT CALLED NEW YEARS EVE 2012?”

  1. valerie said

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