December 28, 2012

grand_universe_by_antifan_real1You know it’s a good thing that Jeff and I enjoy writing since it seems we’re the only one besides our friend Val who read anything. Val has said if your thinking about getting my book asks her about it she loved it and can’t wait for the second one which Jeff is writing right this minute. We wish to thank everyone for their encouragement during the writing process but now we need you to put your money where your mouth is and but a copy. It’s available at books, that’s where you’ll find the paperback version or you can go to amazon kindle books and get the digital version. Anyhow were gathering up some stuff for the end of the year blog if you have anything you want us to include let us know. You know what we’re looking for things you said you wanted to do last year and did or didn’t and your goals for this year. Well I’ve got to think what Jeff and I should do this year but first I think I’ll take a nap CIAO.

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