December 27, 2012

437755-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Man-Holding-A-The-End-Is-Near-SignWell the year is coming to an end and we’ll start looking at it in review later this week. It’s funny how the end of a year makes us want to look back or make plans for the future isn’t it? Down here people really don’t seem to make goals for the new year it seems like their glad they made it through the last one and that’s all the really  want to do in the next one. As for me I’m with them just get me through the next one but Jeff he has set himself a couple of goals and I really hope he makes it. I’ll let him tell you about them when we do the year in review. He said to tell you one he still hasn’t completed this year and that’s to sell at least ten books before the end of the year. Now that really doesn’t seem like an unreasonable goal does it. Well people ask about it but I guess they either don’t like Science Fiction or just don’t have the time to read. Anyhow it’s available in paperback at under Ilf and also on kindle books if you should read it please let me know how it was so I can tell Jeff. OH there is one other thing he trying to accomplish this year and that’s to stop writing the word and back words all the time. That’s all I got for know you guys try to think if you did make goals last year did you reach any of them and what are your goal s for the new year CIAO.

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