December 25, 2012

christmas3_800_533Merry Christmas everyone hope you all had a great morning and got all the stuff you wanted? Jeff and I are still waiting for Ruby to wake up not that I’m fully awake either since there were fireworks and some idiot in the next neighborhood who thought it would be appropriate to play rap music for the whole country to hear on Christmas Eve. Now that I lost a night’s sleep I better get what I want for Christmas or it’s not going to be a nice New Year. I should feel bad for Jeff even though he came home around one he didn’t get any sleep either, but I really don’t care. Ruby got home sometime this morning she woke Jeff up to let her and he actually did. Can’t really blame her she was surprised by her Niece visiting from Switzerland or Sweden I’m really not sure. They decided it would be a great idea to stay up all night and drink and now Ruby’s paying the price as well as me and Jeff. I’m glad I didn’t know Jeff when he drink having one person in the house with a hangover is bad enough but two. Well look I’m glad everyone had  a great time last night and today but the rap music finally stopped so I’m going to try and grab a couple of winks sleep CIAO.

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