December 17, 2012

gloomyplacard2427Welcome to Monday even the weather down here looks like Monday all cloudy and stuff. The article that I copied and posted yesterday is being called a fake I have to tell you even if it is it still makes a lot of since when you think about it. Well we’ll leave that up to everybody else or until someone comes up with a better theory that makes sense. Some exciting sports yesterday first Medellin lost a nail biter in a penalty shootout 5-4 to Millonarios Jeff wasn’t happy about that he had to listen to the all Nacional fans celebrate. They all thought that Medellin didn’t belong in the game, but the point is they were and Nacional wasn’t. The other great game came in American football last night where the NE Patriots almost pulled off an amazing victory over the San Francisco 49er’s, you have to love this time of year especially if you’re a sports fan so many important games. Jeff’s team the Giants got blown out 34 -0 so all and al Jeff did not have a good sports day. Jeff and Ruby had the family over for Chili and to watch the game the fact that everyone but Jeff was a Nacional fan did not help with Jeff’s grumpy attitude. I don’t know what he has to be grumpy about he doesn’t work he never has to do anything if he doesn’t want to, maybe one day I’ll ask him and then I’ll out in my blog. That’s it for a Monday the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to get real nice so I think I’ go and take a nap CIAO.

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