December 14, 2012

Christmas-Lights-turned-o-007Good morning it’s Friday and the weekend is here so what’s happening in your world? I know a lot of people will be doing last minute shopping like Jeff and Ruby so let take a little look at what’s out there in the way of popular gifts. First for the kids it seems to be an oldie but goodie the Furby which first came out in 1999 I believe. It’s a robotic type toy that’s capable of learning and having a bad disposition. I’m really not an expert and the toy at sixty dollars US is not on any shelves down here it also hard to get in the US because of its popularity. They say people are selling them for a thousand dollars on E BAY. If there that hard to find how the people do that are selling them on E BAY have so many to sell. Well let’s move on to technology shall we the most popular item here is the tablet computer. There is a wide variety of styles sizes and prices for these things depending on your budget. One thing I find interesting in reading an article about how to buy the best tablet in PC magazine is the first question they ask is “ Do you really need one?” and the answer is most people don’t need one they just want one so they can say they have one like everybody else. So after all this, what have we learned about shopping? Looks like clothes and video games still rule and maybe just maybe it’s the thought that counts CIAO.

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