December 13, 2012

121212-concertThey had the 12/12/12 concert last night and I have to tell you even though it kept me up to all hours it was pretty dam good. The Who, Bruce, and Bon Jovi had everybody up and dancing; watching Jeff dance is akin to watching an Ostrich dance amusing but I wouldn’t want to see every day. Jeff and I finally crashed when Paul McCartney came on Jeff has never been a Sir Paul fan so heading to bed when he came on was no biggy. Ruby gets up early and even though she tries to be quiet she wakes us up so when you go to bed at 1am and she gets up at 6:30 it’s not cool. Jeff’s book (ILF an intelligent life form) is now available at the low price of 1.99 at but only for Kindle readers. Jeff is considering putting it in print but would like to wait until some people have read it and reviewed it. He doesn’t have any delusions about getting rich with this it’s just fun to do for him and the poor old guy has nothing else to do. Wait a minute he could be playing with me instead of sitting at the computer all day getting fat. Oh well they’re going Christmas shopping in a little while hope they get me something good CIAO.

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