December 11, 2012

They went to see the river lights last night and there were a lot of people, of course they were a little later than last year, but it wasn’t too bad. According to Ruby Jeff is turning into an old crouch I’m going to have to do something about this soon before he goes all the way to crouch. If he does that then Hari won’t want to come and visit and they don’t let me out so I can’t go and visit him. I don’t know what he mad about but he better get over it quick before I call a shrink. I think it’s just that he doesn’t speak Spanish and sometime he feels left out or ignored I’m going to get him back into studying the language and see if that makes any difference at all. Well Nacho didn’t get his farm so it looks like Christmas and New Year’s Eve will be at Nelida’s and we’ll see about the rest. That’s cool because Jeff really likes Nelida and her crazy sun Mauricio. It’s a little cooler today than it has been which, is a good thing because Ruby snored like a broken jet engine last night, so I’ll being heading to the couch for awhile CIAO.

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