December 10, 2012

XMAS-Party-e1353327102631Dam it’s another Monday morning, I don’t know why I hate Mondays so much I don’t have to go to work or anything. OH well let stalk about Christmas in Colombia: unlike the Us Christmas isn’t just one day down here people begin celebrating on Dec 1 and they keep the parties going until Jan 7 and every night is firecracker night or loud music so for about a month you don’t really get a good night’s sleep. It’s funny too with all the partying going on Christmas Day itself is almost anti climatic. It does however tend to be a very quiet day, people down here celebrate on Christmas eve and they might do something on Christmas day but that would only come if they managed to get up or were still up and partying from the night before. You do understand when I say partying I mean drinking and being goofy. Jeff is not real fond of this aspect of Christmas but he says what he misses the most is the build to the day, which even in America has been ruined by commercialism. The one thing that’s really different down here is New Years Eve which usually turns into a two day drunk, sorry but that what it is, while in the US it’s turned into a dinner night with Super Bowl Sunday becoming the big drunk day. Jeff spent 30 years tending bar and really gets tire of watching people make fools of themselves although since he stopped drinking he laughs at them more. Well since didn’t get a good night sleep last night I think I’ll go over to the couch now and take a nap CIAO.

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