December 9, 2012

boomSunday and how are you guys I ask this because I didn’t get much sleep last night there was a lot of music and fireworks in the area last night. Ruby tell Jeff that fireworks are illegal down here well either the people in the town next to the complex own a fireworks factory, are rich, or belong to the Mafia. They started sitting of their little bombs around ten o’clock and it sound like a war out there the rest of the night I mean hundreds of dollars went up in smoke. It must be nice to have that much money to just throw away on some noise. They didn’t even have any colorful rockets just big bang stuff to me and Jeff that’s just a waste of money and I guess the cops don’t care that it’s against the law, because they sure didn’t do anything to stop it last night. Well at least I’ll get to rest all day Jeff and Ruby are going visit El Jefe and see what’s going on with him. I think I’ll star checking out my comfort places now CIAO.

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