December 7, 2012

sun1Here we go it’s Friday and the weekend is here; Hader got most of his stuff moved last night to his new apt it’s really nice and has plenty of room, now everybody has their own bedroom only problem is only one bathroom but they have the space t put one so it’s an easily solved problem. Man it’s hot down here today, it’s another one of those cloudless mornings. Plans are still up in the air about tonight but I think the narrowed it down to Mauricio’s girl friend’s house or Olga and Nachos house. I don’t care so long as everybody doesn’t come here I like peace and quiet. Jeff says he’s not going to look at yahoo news anymore it’s too depressing Earthquakes, shootings, unemployment, lying politicians, it has just reached a point that if he keeps reading it he’ll have to get a prescription for Zanex (might do him some good). Alright that’s it for now I have to go find a cool place to hang out until it cools off a little CIAO

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