December 4, 2012

bad_roads_1116052a_1116052fTuesday and the Giants lost last night does not make for a happy Jeff this morning, but who cares. I was watching the news this morning with Ruby Fats was still sleeping and I noticed they were showing a lot of pictures of bad roads in Bogota and I was wondering why. I mean they go around telling everyone they’re building these new roads and then they don’t maintain the ones they already have. I could understand if they were way out in t country and weren’t used very much, that happens everywhere but these are in the city and are being reported on TV every day and still nothing is being done. I realize I don’t know how things work down here so I started to look into this; it would appear that like a lot of other things down here the government waits for something to happen before they’ll do anything. They hadn’t inspected the pedestrian crossovers until on collapsed. They don’t fix roads until TV crews show up in other words they react to things rather than try to prevent them from happening. I know this happens in America but at least they inspect once in awhile without having a disaster first. I know I shouldn’t waste my precious Blog space writing stuff like this when most reader are in America and if Ruby reads this she’ll get all upset and say I shouldn’t bother . I think she’s afraid someone will get mad at me, hay I’m a old cat and I don’t care. Speaking of being old I’m a little tired now and I think I’ll go and take a nap.



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