I hate Mondays

December 3, 2012

ihatemondaysBoy do I hate Mondays and I don’t even have to go to work and they still suck. I guess because either you have this great sunny day or you have this really crappy weather like that which is outside now. Jeff and Ruby were lucky they had to go to the bank this morning and they managed to avoid the rain that was everywhere and of course Ruby left the umbrella home. All the schools are closed now for the holiday vacation that plus a lot of work contracts are coming to an end makes for a lot of people on vacation. That means that now is not the time to go anywhere, but rather stay home and be with family YEAH RIGHT. John is on vacation but his wife Vanessa has to work and Ruby still has to go and watch Hari because I think John is afraid of him. Well the Giants play the Washington Red skins in Monday Night Football Jeff will be bouncing around the channels as he tries to watch the game and Criminal minds. I think he watches criminal minds to see if he’s on it because we know he not rapped to tight. That’s it for now I need to get some more sleep CIAO.

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