December 2, 2012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoy I’d hate to be a weather forecaster down here we woke up about 8:45 because the sun was shining in the window very brightly. At 9:05 when we all went into the living room for coffee and a scratch for me it looked like it would rain any minute. We’ve been down here a year and a half now and Jeff still get amazed by how fast the weather changes, you can literally look out the window turn away for 10 min and see a different weather. Ok it’s a football Sunday in the US they had all the big college games yesterday and it looks like Alabama and Notre Dame will play for the college championship on Jan 7. I can’t believe how much Jeff is peeling from the sun he got when they went to the farm; he looks like a walking snow storm (LOL). We had the house to ourselves last while Ruby was at her concert watched a couple of movies and had some pop corn and Jeff almost sat on me if he had I would not be writing this blog today Jeff would have be writing my obituary. Well on that happy note I think I’ll stop now and take a well deserved nap CIAO.

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