Here Comes Christmas

November 17, 2012


Well the Christmas season is starting in our house the tree came out of the closet and got set up they will be decorating it this weekend. They had to leave the bottom row of branches off so it would fit in the room. This apartment is a little smaller than the last one but the view is great. Yesterday there was a Rainbow and it ended in the stream across the street from the house. The difference with Rainbows down here is a lot of the time they appear at the beginning of a storm rather than at the end makes it a little confusing. Oh ! just so you know we didn’t find a pot of gold if we did I wouldn’t be writing this blog right now I’d still be drunk from the party. Jeff and Ruby want to see Breaking Dawn part 2 tomorrow so I’ll have the house to myself for a good part of the day. We’ll start putting pictures of the tree up tomorrow or later today so you can follow its progress be sure to check out the picture of the Rainbow above and I’ll talk to you guys later CIAO.

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