November 15, 2012

Well it looked like a lot of people went to the game last night which ended in a tie. I actually think Colombia had the better team and that surprises me maybe I just didn’t realize that Brazil wasn’t that good or that Colombia was that good. You know when you watch Colombian TV it’s not like watching American TV they don’t adhere to strict time constraints, only when the news starts do they seem concerned with time. The news might say from 7 to 8:15, it will start at 7 but won’t necessarily finish at 8:15 could be before or after. They also love to bunch a lot of commercials together it’s nothing to be watching the news and then have 20 min of ads and public service announcements thrown at you. When you invite people to lunch down here you have to forget you’re an American and to expect anybody to show up before 2PM and lunch will be served around 3PM or later and it will be so big you can forget about wanting dinner. As you can see time means something different down here from the little travel experience I have it appears that only American are concerned with being on time or getting there a little early. I think that’s why Latin American countries are always considered to be happier than America is. Now don’t get me wrong Americans love their stuff it’s just that I think they try to hard to get it and become depressed when they don’t, but what do I know I’m just a cat living in Colombia CIAO.

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