November 14, 2012

Wednesday morning and all is well boy I got Jeff all excited yesterday by not eating a lot. When I do that he thinks I’m sick and gets all nervous he doesn’t seem to realize cats eat when we want to and we eat as little or as much as we want to. That’s the difference between dogs and us. Dogs like regular meal times and get upset if they’re not fed on time with cats you but out a bowl of dry food and when we get around to it we’ll eat we like our life to be unstructured. That gives us more of an opportunity to annoy our care givers it’s really just a cat thing. Tonight is Colombia vs Brazilin soccer the game is being played in New Jersey so all my readers up there if you want can go to the game and root for Colombia. If I get a chance after the game I’ll do a post I know I’ve missed a few and I have some catching up to do but sense I decide to keep Jeff’s rants to a minimum I have to wait for something to happen that I think you might be interested in hearing about. So for now I’ll take my leave to grab a bite and take a nap CIAO.

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