Miss Me

November 12, 2012


Well I skipped a couple of days now I’ll have to scramble if I want to get back on schedule for 365 in 365 this time around. Anyhow hers some trivia I went and did some research to see if in fact there had been cats in the oval office and guess what there were a lot going all the way back to Lincoln. Rutherford b Hayes had three cats (Picculimani, Siam, and Miss Pussy), Teddy Roosevelt had two (Tom Quartz and Slippers), Woodrow Wilson one (Puffins), Calvin Coolidge one (Tiger), Gerald Ford had one (Shan), Jimmy Carter had one (Misty Malarky Ying Ying), Bill Clinton had one (Socks), George W Bush had one (India “Willie”). They say the reason no one knew about all these cats was because we prefer to work in the background rather than in the spotlight like dogs only socks seems to have liked the spotlight and that seems to be because he hated Clintons’ dog. They gave Socks up for adoption after they left the White House, sounds typical we always get left behind. Well I’m not getting left behind my friend Jeff wouldn’t let that happen to me. Jeff has given me his endorsement for President saying I could do any worse than the bunch of dorks we’ve had recently. In the months ahead I’ll be giving my commentary on the Congress, Senate, and President just so you can make a knowledgeable decision in 2016, but right now I’m going to take nap CIAO.

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