November 9, 2012

Hi guy flounder here and no I haven’t changed my mind about running for President. It’s Friday and the weekend is here don’t know what’s going on it doesn’t seem as if anybody besides Nacho and family have plans. Nachos daughter Jessica is getting married this weekend so Camilo is all excited hope he doesn’t get to drunk and do something stupid but I don’t think he will he really loves his sister and wouldn’t embarrass her. Me my plans are to start reading all the news from America to see what needs to be changed, besides the first dog thing, other than that I really don’t have any plans. Somebody will probably want to come use the pool and that’s cool, it’s outside, which means I get to sleep inside without interruptions by people trying to be nice to me. I heard from Val she going to support my candidacy for Pres. which is cool after all how much worse could i be than what you already have as choices. I don’t think anybody wants Chris Christy or another Bush they may want Hillary but we’ll just wait and see. I understand she’s a dog person so if she wants me to not run she had better change her attitude. Well I’m going to start prepping for the weekend which means nap time CIAO

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