November 5, 2012

Well the sun is shining even though my Giants lost yesterday but the Cowboys lost so it wasn’t a total loss. Hader the kids and his friend came over to the pool and then we all went to Nachos for dinner was a pretty good day all things considered. Hey Jeff what do you think you’re doing writing on my Blog without me I mean just because you finished your boo you think you can sit and take over the Blog too. Well let me tell you if you don’t want your pants shredded I suggest you stop and let me take over. OK OK, don’t have a hairball, it was getting late and I thought I’d just give you a hand. Well I’m here now so you can go back to watching TV or whatever. Well today is a Holiday in Colombia I’m not sure why I do know they have another one next Monday too. They have a lot of Holidays down here some are religious and that’s to be understood sense it’s a very Catholic country. But I guess not everybody gets the day off Camilo is working and there are some guys cutting grass outside, they use weed whackers to cut grass down here and if you have ever had one of those running at 7:30 in the morning you know how I feel right now. I hope all of you people up there are safe and are making sure all the pets are safe especially the cats after all CATS RULE. Well I’m going to go and yell at Jeff some more because no 1 I can and no 2 because it’s fun CIAO.

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